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the end of the end of times

Mixed media (fabric, acrylic, paper, nail polish) diptychs on canvas and wood.  2014

Images of 1968 National Geographic magazines were chosen as the starting point for these six triptychs. Within a short time the paintings gradually became the process of detachment through a gradual destruction of the initial plan. For a period of ten years these canvases had been several other paintings. The tearing, stripping and adding of layers created rough textures.The residue of the partly destroyed older work gave depth to the paintings.

During the process of painting, oval canvases (which where older works: collages of glossy road maps) where glued onto the mid section of the paintings. The triptychs and the small oval canvases felt senseless on their own, one being too pretty and the other too rough, yet joined together they worked. The bold colored wooden panels on each side of the painting hold and contain the work in space. The diptychs show the absurdity and insignificance of “personal” stories.

It was the plan that the diptychs were to be finished by December 21st 2012, the hyped up “End of the World”. For the artist It symbolized a personal ending through having covered up and deconstructed the final remains of old works she had carried around the world for many years. It was to be finished when the world would end, but it did not and neither did the paintings. It took two additional years to ripen and through some unforeseen accidents they came to completion.