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monsters and superheroes


July 2011.
Acrylic paint and acrylic modeling paste on plywood. Diameter 1 meter 50 .

These round paintings were started in 1997. It was hard to finish round paintings as there they go on and on seemingly forever .The last attempt was done in 2002 when the artist was 9 months pregnant with her son Ladhu Atisha. She painted egg like pastel colored images .It was a naive and abstract concept of motherhood " the soft union of eggs ".
The paintings were flat and somewhat superficial .She was not able to finish for quite some time .

After 9 years of living together with her son a different realization of motherhood had taken over . Never did she know such violent darkness lived inside of her, neither did she know the depth of such Love . This strong little boy showed her live in all it's diversity and extremity within a very small space .The experience was (and is) so extreme , black and white ,extremely good and very bad.

When eight years old her son, Ladhu had drawn a series of monsters and superheroes. With his permission Nicolala enlarged and copied them onto the egg like images. The result are clearly defined, black and white, thickly textured beings . Due to the use of acrylic paste the images of the monsters and superheroes can be touched and "rise high" above the flat and soft imagination of a "perfect rose colored union". Yet both are One, the extremes of a relationship between the child and the mother , the extremely good and the horrendously bad , the monster and the super hero.