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Collages of acrylic painting on paper.
August 2011.

The longing to not be aestecailly pleasing or to be with any kind of “order” was the only way to keep the creative process going. It set the energy free. The painting went where it wanted to go, thus it is beyond the traditional square. The strokes are not contained within a pre-set frame. Without the “ rules” a big relief was found and live started turning again. With the strokes of paint, the ripped paper no quiet form was sought, it was found as a energy spurt . Older paintings, previous movements and times were torn up and brought together with no real intention to make a cohesive harmony. They came together more intuitively. They “fell upon each other “ with impulse, some violence and hits of laughter .A big gasp of air to not be “correct” in any sense. The “P” stands for painting.