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flying potatoes


Acrylic paint on plywood, New York, 1998-1999

Here the artist tried to break the rules of gravity and attachment to (set) forms by portraying biomorphic shapes floating in space. Such forms can be found in the tiniest parts of a cell as well as the vastness of the universe. By working layer over layer, she has created a dense field within which, even if the viewer cannot consciously see what is underneath, s/he will feel it. Solidity was added over transparency in order to enhance this sense of depth.

During the process of painting, Nicolala would continuously turn the image upside down, in order to break her being limited by - and attachment to - certain forms. This strategy enabled her to see if the composition truly worked. As a result, there is no single "correct" view for any of these works: they can be seen from any angle.

The title of the series is a kind of persiflage on the "Potato Eaters " by Vincent van Gogh. She related the painting and the artist's life to the Dutch awareness of art and artists in general. This series seeks to break free from the illusion of the "suffering artist " who needs to die before being appreciated for his/her creative efforts.