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The dynamic opposition death and re-birth is ongoing theme in the work I make. The process at the end of the painting often has very little to do with the initial starting point. There is the struggle with the unwillingness of the material, the canvas, the previous textures and the inability to express refinement through skills that seem to fade further away as the painting progresses. Big part of the work is about coming to acceptance with the boldness and limitations of material life and my own shortcomings as a human being and realizing the perfection in this.

 I enjoy playing with the difficult and seemingly conflicting. I embrace it as one whole and unite it  (or at least try) in a painting. This ongoing process can be seen as logic and chaos, intellect and retardation, creation and destruction, violence and peace, action and silence, figurative and abstraction. The art I make expresses the cycles and experiences of my life and hopefully the viewer can connect with that.
I always go through phases where I question my validity as an artist yet some unseen force always gets me to start something new. I start again. When I do not create I become very restless and frustrated. When I paint I try to challenge myself by not getting too comfortable with one way of working, a style, a certain method. Mostly I create out of frustration, the limitations I experience in the physical world versus to what I see within myself. This inside vision is way larger and far more interesting then the “outer” world. I get glimpses, looking into one of the many dimensions that are beyond this earthly realm. These are very pleasant experiences for me. 

I find inspiration in being able to move physically such as trains and dancing on roller skates. I like the roughness and emptiness of industrial sites. Human bodies, the muscles and tendons how they fold and bend are absolutely fascinating to me. 

Often I turn the painting upside down and often I paint over it. A real good composition has to work from every side despite the subject matter.  I like the work to have depth through layers. I add and tear off, layers of paper, fabric and paint, to reveal the life and breath of the older works beneath the painting. I enjoy the violence of this destructive action and soothing of being able to re-build over this. It makes it possible to fall through to other places in time and space. I use color to build clear and sharp separating blocks. You can look at the painting in different ways such as the different texture of the painting. I use and enjoy rough texture such as fabric or textured paint yet contrasts this with slick and smooth shiny plastic surface. You can look at the forms and try to “read” or hold onto “the story”. Then you can look at the abstraction of the forms and see wherever it takes you.

My work represents life. It is filled with things and ways that are seemingly conflicting yet they do work as one. It has to. In a way there is nothing personal about any of my stories. All has been said and done before. Stories become more and more abstract and bizarre over time especially after the have been told over and over again. Thus I seek through painting to detach and transcend the old stuff through activity and finding a still point right there at the breaking point between where the almost inevitable destruction is the ultimate creation in all its open mess. It is a reflection of the amazing unpredictability and rawness of life. Almost everything can be transcended.



artist statement